YOU Alone Are Responsible for Your Success or Failure!

Stop blaming others for the sorry state you find yourself in. You either have a result or you have an excuse to why you didn’t get the result you wanted. Here is a massive secret for you that the rich and wealthy all know and understand… We get the results and if we don’t we keep going until we do!

If you go and talk to anyone who is successful and I don’t care what they have been successful in, they will all have a story of some type of hurdle they had to overcome. Sometimes these hurdles are massive and it is amazing how they got past them. But they did and they got the results they needed. They were successful and are now enjoying that success.

People who are wealthy are successful and if you want to be rich, successful and powerful then you need to do the 2 following things.

1. You have to start to take responsibility for everything. This is the only way you can change anything. If the housing market goes down and you lose your shirt. Don’t cry into your beer and say “the market is bad, it was out of my control. What could I do? All the property prices went down… ” Don’t choose this attitude because it will not help you in anyway. It is better to have the attitude of, O.K I have lost out big time. But what could I have done better? What mistakes did I make and how can I learn from them? By having this attitude you can make changes and you can turn things around.

2. Secondly you need to focus. You need laser like focus. You need a plan of action. Not just a quick plan, but a well thought out plan of action. You then need to follow that plan and make changes to it as you progress, keeping in mind the end goal, which you have set yourself. Having a plan and a goal will help you keep that focus and the only way you will ever be successful in any thing is to have focused, on going effort.

So there you have it, some of the secrets to my success. Not all of them of course! You don’t get that information quite as easily as that. But I think that if you take the 2 points I have made in this article, and implement them, then you will be well on your way to improving your current situation.

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